bEST Technology Suite

Evolution eV5 from FaxCore, Inc.

The FaxCore eV5 fax server is a bEST certified fax solution that can be deployed as a traditional on-premise fax server or as a cloud-based fax service. By using FaxCore the fax kits and phone lines are eliminated, reducing costs and complexity.

FaxCore can scale to be used at small offices to the largest enterprises in the world. And when FaxCore is combined with etherFAX, the fax board in the cloud, a recurring revenue model is used. Customers don’t need costly fax boards and Telco circuits; they pay for the fax pages sent and received by FaxCore.

FaxCore Evolution eV5 Version with FaxCore.OpenAPI.Web.dll

The following MFPs were certified by Konica Minolta as of 2017-12-21:

MFP Segment Model Tested MFP Series Firmware Tested
Production AccurioPress C2060 AccurioPress C2070, AccurioPress C2060, AccurioPrint C2060L G00-12
Production AccurioPress C6085 AccurioPress C6085, AccurioPress C6100 G00-12
A3 bizhub 287 bizhub 367, bizhub 287, bizhub 227 G00-R9
A3 bizhub 364e bizhub 554e, bizhub 454e, bizhub 364e, bizhub 284e, bizhub 224e G20-M1
A3 bizhub 368 bizhub 558, bizhub 458, bizhub 368, bizhub 308 G00-R9
A4 bizhub 42 bizhub 42, bizhub 36 G0080005
A4 bizhub 4750 bizhub 4750, bizhub 4050 902-W99
A3 bizhub 654 bizhub 754, bizhub 654 GB6-K9
A3 bizhub 654e bizhub 754e, bizhub 654e G20-M0
A3 bizhub 808 bizhub 958, bizhub 808 G00-R9
A3 bizhub C284e bizhub C554e, bizhub C454e, bizhub C364e, bizhub C284e, bizhub C224e G20-M1
A3 bizhub C287 bizhub C287, bizhub C227 G00-Q4
A3 bizhub C364 bizhub C554, bizhub C454, bizhub C364, bizhub C284, bizhub C224 GBG-M0
A3 bizhub C368 bizhub C368, bizhub C308, bizhub C258 G00-R9
A4 bizhub C3850 bizhub C3850, bizhub C3350, bizhub C3850FS 851-W99
A4 bizhub C3850FS bizhub C3850, bizhub C3350, bizhub C3850FS 851-W99
A4 bizhub C3851FS bizhub C3851FS, bizhub C3351 G00-R9
A3 bizhub C558 bizhub C658, bizhub C558, bizhub C458 G00-R9
A3 bizhub C754 bizhub C754, bizhub C654 GB6-K9
A3 bizhub C754e bizhub C754e, bizhub C654e GD3-K9
Production bizhub PRESS C1060 bizhub PRESS C1070, bizhub PRESS C1060, bizhub PRO C1060L G00-20
Production bizhub PRESS C1085 bizhub PRESS C1100, bizhub PRESS C1085 G00-20
Production bizhub PRO 1100 bizhub PRO 1100 G00-30
Production bizhub PRO 951 bizhub PRESS 1250, bizhub PRESS 1052, bizhub PRO 951 GCU-40