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TotalAgility from Kofax

Kofax TotalAgility® is a digital transformation platform that accelerates high-value customer journeys to a positive result, journeys such as new customer onboarding, claim processing, loan automation, citizen service provision, supplier management, and more. The platform digitizes individual touchpoints in those customer journeys, for example the gathering or sending of documents or the digital signing of new contracts, and cuts latency between the touchpoints.

TotalAgility delivers more value at each human touchpoint and links traditional and digital channels to efficiently serve omnichannel customer journeys. It automates touchpoints that previously required human intervention and can remove the need for analog and paper-based interactions entirely– so Kofax customers operate much more efficiently and their customers are happier.

The TotalAgility digital transformation platform delivers a unique combination of capabilities unified in an open technical architecture.

Capture allows any document from any source to be

ingested into and understood by a business process—automatically. Supported capture sources include TWAIN and ISIS scanners, mobile and tablet devices, MFPs, email, fax, watched folders, and web services.

Process and case management automates routine workflow and streamlines case management processes for better compliance, human decision-making, ad-hoc activity and process visibility.

Process intelligence and system monitoring provides actionable analytics for any business process, helping businesses make informed, effective decisions sooner, and providing valuable insight to drive process optimization.

Mobile & omnichannel access engages customers, partners, suppliers and employees on any device at any stage of a business process, delivering rich experiences on mobile devices and supporting the broad spectrum of digital and physical channels businesses must support.

Robotic process automation automates the acquisition and integration of information —from websites, portals and other hard-to-reach sources—into a business process and customer journey. This eliminates the people-intensive, manual integration still in place in many organizations.

Customer communication accelerates engagement via low-latency, two-way, omnichannel customer communication that’s faster, more targeted and less expensive.

E-signature makes crucial agreements possible faster while allowing customers the flexibility to use any signature format they wish.

Kofax TotalAgility Version

The following MFPs were certified by Konica Minolta as of 2019-06-17:

MFP Segment Model Tested MFP Series Firmware Tested Function Version Tested
A4 bizhub 4052 bizhub 4752, bizhub 4052 G00-W4 4.2
A3 bizhub C360i bizhub C360i, bizhub C300i, bizhub C250i G00-3B 1.0

Kofax TotalAgility Version

The following MFPs were certified by Konica Minolta as of 2018-05-04:

MFP Segment Model Tested MFP Series Firmware Tested
A3 bizhub 287 bizhub 367, bizhub 287, bizhub 227 G00-R9
A3 bizhub 364e bizhub 554e, bizhub 454e, bizhub 364e, bizhub 284e, bizhub 224e G20-M1
A3 bizhub 368 bizhub 558, bizhub 458, bizhub 368, bizhub 308 G00-R9
A3 bizhub 458e bizhub 658e, bizhub 558e, bizhub 458e, bizhub 368e, bizhub 308e G00-09
A4 bizhub 4750 bizhub 4750, bizhub 4050 GAC00-W51
A3 bizhub 654 bizhub 754, bizhub 654 GB8-M0
A3 bizhub 654e bizhub 754e, bizhub 654e G20-M0
A3 bizhub 808 bizhub 958, bizhub 808 G00-R9
A3 bizhub C284e bizhub C554e, bizhub C454e, bizhub C364e, bizhub C284e, bizhub C224e G20-M1
A3 bizhub C287 bizhub C287, bizhub C227 G00-R9
A3 bizhub C364 bizhub C554, bizhub C454, bizhub C364, bizhub C284, bizhub C224 GB2-K5
A3 bizhub C368 bizhub C368, bizhub C308, bizhub C258 G00-R9
A4 bizhub C3850 bizhub C3850, bizhub C3350, bizhub C3850FS GA8A3-W51
A4 bizhub C3850FS bizhub C3850, bizhub C3350, bizhub C3850FS GA8A3-W51
A4 bizhub C3851FS bizhub C3851FS, bizhub C3351 G00-R9
A3 bizhub C558 bizhub C658, bizhub C558, bizhub C458 G00-R9
A3 bizhub C754 bizhub C754, bizhub C654 GB6-K9
A3 bizhub C754e bizhub C754e, bizhub C654e G20-M0
A3 bizhub C759 bizhub C759, bizhub C659 G00-10