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PaperCut Hive from PaperCut Software

PaperCut Hive is a complete cloud-native print management system for all business, schools and government entities. From the beginning this product was designed for the public cloud with security top of mind while maintaining their best in class user experience. Hive offers users the ability to simply print from any device to a single print queue and securely release their print job using their mobile phone or their KM Output device.

PaperCut has more than 112 million users covering 70 thousand organizations in 195 countries. With vertical support across education, government, healthcare, and business in 30 languages.

PaperCut Hive includes a browser interface that requires i-Option (LK-101).

PaperCut Hive Full Embedded v. 1.0.9, Lite Release v. 1.0.7, Accessed 2021-06-23 - 2021-06-25

The following MFPs were certified by Konica Minolta as of 2021-07-06:

MFP Segment Model Tested MFP Series Firmware Tested Function Version Tested
A3 bizhub 287 bizhub 367, bizhub 287, bizhub 227 GC1-X8 4.2
A3 bizhub 360i bizhub 360i, bizhub 300i G00-E9 2.0
A3 bizhub 368 bizhub 558, bizhub 458, bizhub 368, bizhub 308 GC3-X4 4.2
A4 bizhub 4052 bizhub 4752, bizhub 4052 GC3-X4 4.2
A3 bizhub 458e bizhub 658e, bizhub 558e, bizhub 458e, bizhub 368e, bizhub 308e GC1-X8 4.2
A4 bizhub 4700i bizhub 4700i G00-E9 2.0
A4 bizhub 4750i bizhub 4750i, bizhub 4050i G00-E9 2.0
A3 bizhub 550i bizhub 650i, bizhub 550i, bizhub 450i G00-E9 2.0
A3 bizhub 750i bizhub 750i G00-E9 2.0
A3 bizhub 808 bizhub 958, bizhub 808 GC1-X8 4.2
A3 bizhub C287 bizhub C287, bizhub C227 GC1-X8 4.2
A4 bizhub C3300i bizhub C3300i G00-E9 2.0
A4 bizhub C3320i bizhub C3320i G00-E9 2.0
A3 bizhub C360i bizhub C360i, bizhub C300i, bizhub C250i G00-E9 2.0
A3 bizhub C368 bizhub C368, bizhub C308, bizhub C258 GC3-X4 4.2
A4 bizhub C3851FS bizhub C3851FS, bizhub C3351 GC3-X4 4.2
A4 bizhub C4000i bizhub C4000i G00-E9 2.0
A4 bizhub C4050i bizhub C4050i, bizhub C3350i G00-E9 2.0
A3 bizhub C550i bizhub C650i, bizhub C550i, bizhub C450i G00-E9 2.0
A3 bizhub C558 bizhub C658, bizhub C558, bizhub C458 GC1-X8 4.2
A3 bizhub C750i bizhub C750i G00-E9 2.0
A3 bizhub C759 bizhub C759, bizhub C659 GC1-X8 4.2