bEST Technology Suite

Upland InterFAX Connector from Upland Software

The Upland InterFAX Connector enables you to connect to the Upland InterFAX cloud faxing solution from any device on which the connector is installed. Replace the traditional analog fax option. Send and receive faxes with the option to print. With the connector, you can easily scan documents from your bizhub i-Series MFP to the InterFAX cloud fax service, without the need for a fax card.

Upland InterFAX Connector b660 Accessed 2022-06-27 – 2022-06-28

The following MFPs were certified by Konica Minolta as of 2022-07-06:

MFP Segment Model Tested MFP Series Firmware Tested Function Version Tested
A3 bizhub 360i bizhub 360i, bizhub 300i G00-N4 2.2
A4 bizhub 4750i bizhub 4750i, bizhub 4050i G00-N4 2.2
A3 bizhub 550i bizhub 650i, bizhub 550i, bizhub 450i G00-N4 2.2
A3 bizhub 750i bizhub 750i G00-N4 2.2
A3 bizhub C360i bizhub C360i, bizhub C300i, bizhub C250i G00-N4 2.2
A4 bizhub C4050i bizhub C4050i, bizhub C3350i G00-N4 2.2
A3 bizhub C550i bizhub C650i, bizhub C550i, bizhub C450i G00-N4 2.2
A3 bizhub C750i bizhub C750i G00-N4 2.2